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WordPress is one of the most popular web and blogging platforms on the market. In fact over 20% of the websites on the internet are run on Wordpress.

The code behind Wordpress is PHP, which we specialise in.

In fact, we've been using Wordpress for over 12 years to build sites for ourselves and our clients.

As well as being expert wordpress designers and developers we can also build websites from scratch using our experienced in-house PHP programmers, and we can build websites on our own CMS platform that we believe is even better than Wordpress.

No matter your Wordpress development requirements we can help you install, design and customise any Wordpress theme.

And because Wordpress is developed in the PHP our in-house PHP programmers can quickly and easily debug and fix any problems or issues that you may experience.

WordPress SEO

Without a doubt, seo is the backbone to the success of most small business marketing efforts.

The higher or more prominently your website comes up on Google, the more traffic and leads you will get.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when it come to WordPress is to automatically assume that just because you have instaledl an SEO plugin like Yoast, that your WordPress website will jump up the search rankings - that won't happen.

Here at Market My Business we specialise in WordPress SEO and getting websites to rank at the top of Google.

Best practice search engine optimisation really comes down to three things;

  • Making sure your website is SEO Friendly
  • Having the right amount of keyword targeted content your site, including page titles and descriptions
  • Off Page SEO in place such as link bulding, local seo, citations, content marketing

Speak to a MMB WordPress SEO consultant about improving your WordPress website ranking on Google.

Wordpress Not Doing What You Want it to Do?

Sometimes your WordPress theme or code you or your web designer is working with can get a little tricky.

We are experts at going through your WordPress website code and fixing any issues or adding in some extra code to make it work the way you want it to.

Don't pull your hair out any longer wasting hours trying to fix something you really know nothing about.

Let one our experts take a look and fix whatever it is in no time at all.

Time is money!

Since most web designers today are not programmers, they can find it difficult to fix and format Wordpress themes.

Our team of Wordpress web designers and developers will be able to make your Wordpress website do exactly what you want it to do... or if we can't we'll suggest another solution.


The Truth About WordPress Themes & Templates 


One of the best things about WordPress is there are lots of pre-made designs and themes to choose from. All the world's best designers have done you a favour and already designed a template or theme that will suit your business.

All you need to do is just spend a little time looking around and you'll find exactly what you need.

There is really no need to start a web design project from scratch today, especially if you are a small business owner on a budget. 

At Market My Business we can show you a whole range of what we call "design frameworks" that will give you an idea of what your website might look like when it's finished being customised. The great thing about wordpress themes is that all the hard design work has been done, saving you thousands dollars.

Today most of the top companies pick a WordPress theme or template as a starting point and then customise it to suit their business requirements. You still may need the help of a web designer or php programmer to get the site looking and functioning the way you want it.

We provide WordPress theme and template customisation services at very affordable rates. 

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