Website Hosting

Website Hosting is required to be able to view a website online and everyone who has a website needs website hosting.

The files of your website need to be stored somewhere and this is usually done on a server. A server is just a really big computer that can store lots of files and data.

Website hosting compaines set up servers (lots of big computers) and sell off space to web designers, business owners and website marketers to host their website files.

When you point your domain name to the web host your website can then show up live on the internet.

Hosting packages vary depending on how much space is being taken up and also where the hosting is located.

Website hosting in Australia is more expensive than hosting in other parts of the world like the USA and Europe but speeds are said to be quicker with a local host compared to one overseas, which is important to ensure a good user experience.

Market My Business offers very affordable Australian based web hosting packages.

Hosting is also included with all our web design packages.

Speak to a MMB Consultant about website hosting for your website.