Social Media Marketing

What's Your Social Media Marketing Strategy?

Social Media is here to stay... like it or not.

And as a business owner you MUST embrace social media if you want to be successful online.

Social Media marketing is more than setting up a Facebook business page or Linked In profile. You need to really sit down and think about your social media marketing strategy before jumping into setting up any social media profiles.

At Market My Business we help our clients work out the right social media channels they need to be using and then we assist them in setting up their profiles and implementing the right social media marketing strategies.

We work with the following social media channels

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Google +

Which Social Media Channels Are Right for Your Business?


With 1.39 billion users you don't need to be a rocket scientist to work out that a Facebook business page can't do you any harm. And once you know how to market your business using Facebook and start seeing new leads pop through, you'll probably want to start thinking about Facebook advertising.


At the very least we recommend setting up a Facebook business page for your business.

It's better to have it set up and just sitting there than not having any exposure at all.


YouTube is the worlds second largest search engine outside of Google.

Every small business without a doubt should have a YouTube Channel. Video marketing has become the number one way to communicate online. TV has had the benefit for years of being able to quickly communicate and engage audiences. Now, with the advances in online video technology video marketing is no longer for the big TV stations and companies with big advertising budgets.

With Iphones, Digital Cameras and YouTube you can deliver a message to your customers in minutes and get a response.

And for people that do not like reading or writing a ton of content video takes away that barrier.

As a social media marketing resource, video marketing is without a doubt the number one fastest growing medium. 

And anyway, YouTube is owned by Google.


LinkedIn is the world's largest B2B networking site and is a must include for all business owner and entrepreneurs.

Having a professional business profile on LinkedIn is not only good for your business as far as attracting new customers is concerned, it's expected from your potential customers.

You never know who is looking for the exact products and service you provide. All it takes to set up a LinkedIn business profile is a little time and effort.

You either get up to date and embrace what you need to know and do or get out of the game.

Many small businesses are being forced out of business due to their lack of understanding on how to use social media marketing to attract new customers and grow their business.


Market My Business help break down the confusion of social media and assist small business owners in setting up the right social medial channels and profiles.

Speak to us about setting your business up with the right social media marketing strategy. 

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