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Are You Taking Full Advantage of the Facebook Revolution?

If you are not using Facebook to advertise and promote your business then you are nuts... here's why.

There are over 1.39 active monhtly Facebook users, and there's a good chance some of these users make up the profile of your ideal customer. Similar to Google where you can use the Keyword Planner to find out how many searches there are for a particular search phrase, Facebook can tell you how many people there are and where they are located by interest.

Imagine that... knowing exactly where your ideal customers are hanging out.

If you were a fisherman and you knew exactly where they fish were?

The Facebook Revolution allows you to market to your ideal customer, it's unlike any other advertising medium.

Now if you are thinking "I don't use Facebook or  I don't like Facebook" then you need to stop and think about not what you like.. but what your customers like.

And they are all on Facebook.... 

Facebook Advertising V's Facebook Marketing

YES there is a difference!

To really target your ideal customers and make sales from Facebook you need to do Facebook advertising, not just marketing. Facebook marketing is putting up content on your facebook page on a regular basis. The problem is that less than 15% of your posts are getting seen.

Facebook wants to make money the same way Google does... from advertising.

Facebook now limit the amount of penetration any free marketing has, similar to the way Google changes it's algorythm and forces people to use Google Adwords to get their website seen at the end of a Google search.

Facebook offers 6 different types of advertising programs for business owners.

Market My Business specialise in helping small business owners set up and run ROI focused Facebook Advertising campaigns that get results.

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