Top Web Design Trends for 2015

 In 2014 we saw the emergence of some graphic design trends that will continue to influence web design in 2015 and beyond. From code-free design platforms and more minimalist designs, to parallax effects, background videos, and flat design, the look and feel of websites is evolving to help consumers experience brands in different and exciting new ways. With more brands battling for the attention of the public, web design will be a crucial factor in attracting and retaining customers. With this in mind, let's investigate the latest trends in web design and what we can expect to see in the coming year.

The Evolution of Responsive Design

Until recently, making a site "responsive" merely required that it worked on desktops, laptops, mobiles, and tablets. Now, with smart TVs and wearables, the term "responsive" is expanding rapidly. In 2015, responsive sites will be a crucial indicator of credibility. Sophisticated, responsive design increases trust and subconsciously informs the audience that a business cares about the overall experience of its customers. As mobile and tablet use continues to climb, consumers on the go will no longer accept traditional static websites.

Flat Design Will Dominate

The minimalist design approach of flat design emphasizes usability, throwing out the bevels, shadows, and textures of conventional sites in favor of clean lines, open space, bright colors, and two-dimensional illustrations. This results in websites that are clutter-free and user-friendly. They are not only more attractive and improve page load times, they help users focus on the content.

The Grid Layout

Familiar to users of Pinterest and certain Microsoft applications, the minimalist grid layout has grown in popularity over the last year. Web designers are continuing to experiment with grid-like website layouts, especially when it involves a product-based business. The logical approach to information and design is both user-friendly and aesthetically attractive.

Larger Images and Text

Images will dominate websites in 2015 in fresh and interesting ways. Huge images will be used more as backgrounds, and filter overlays and blur effects will help the text "float" on the surface on the page. This will help retain user attention and make visitors focus on your content. In terms of typography, handwritten fonts, mix and match type, and large fonts continue to dominate. Large type over a full screen background image or video is particularly growing in popularity.

Background Videos

In 2015 we'll see an increase in the number of websites that embed videos into the background. Think of the new Paypal front page. The simplicity of the video and text combination helps users experience the story of the brand and understand its message immediately.

Parallax Scrolling

Studies have shown that sites that use parallax scrolling effects can improve audience engagement significantly. It's no longer just design industry websites that use the technique; large brands such as Apple and Google use it on their product pages. Using scrolling instead of clicking as a means of navigation not only requires less page loading, it also makes the flow of information seamless. The technique is also perfect for the mobile audience. Expect to see more parallax designs in 2015, as more designers and marketers embrace its ability to enhance a brand's image and actually help users find the information they need more quickly.


Web design in the past focused more on giving users the navigational buttons and links they needed to find the information they were after. In 2015, expect more of an emphasis on brand storytelling through vibrant visuals and web pages that focus more on a stimulating user experience. Through techniques already mentioned, like scrolling, large images, and videos, businesses will be able to directly communicate its values and the benefits of being associated with the brand.


Just a few years ago, many web pages were stuffed with graphics, images, text blocks, flash animations, and more, to show users as much information as possible. Every section of the web page was used for site content, navigation, advertising, links, forms, and more. Today, you can definitely say more with less. In 2015, Designers will use more empty space, less words, clean images and graphics, and design that conveys the brand message simply and elegantly. This simplicity will also improve site performance.

Taking It Further

Many of these trends that will dominate web design in 2015 are clearly an evolution of the major design trends of 2014, however there are still a huge number of websites that need to catch up with these changes.

The businesses that embrace these changes sooner are likely to attract more new customers and experience better audience engagement.

If you are about to redesign your website or hire a design agency to redefine your online image, keep these design trends in mind. Just make sure the overall design complements your unique brand and helps you reach your marketing goals more effectively.

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