The New Rules of SEO for 2015

Just like any other area of digital marketing and website design, seo (search engine optimisation) has continued to evolve over the years to such an extent that the rules of SEO that apply today are significantly different when compared to how SEO worked even as little as five years ago.

With Google often keeping quiet about its numerous ranking factors, and the plethora of contradictory opinions and techniques, many novice marketers and small business owners find themselves utterly baffled by the confusing world of SEO.

Only a few years ago, professional digital marketers and seo companies, many of whom had been in the business for years, were still heavily focussed on promoting tactics involving keyword optimisation and mass link building.

Not only have these seo tatics been looked down upon by Google, those companies that were once paid top dollars by their clients have since gone out of business.

Fast-forward to 2015, and SEO is changing more rapidly than ever before in line with a constant stream of Google algorithm updates that address changing consumer habits and strive to deliver more relevant results based on a wider variety of factors than ever before.

The New Rules of SEO (published by David Lurie  - head of SEO at Market My Business ) outlines what he thinks are the current Google ranking factors you need to have covered if you want to have a chance of ranking at getting your website to rank at the top of Google.

David Says "SEO is not rocket science"...

"If you just took the time to think about what Google is asking you to do when it comes to seo, it would all make sense."

"For too long people have been trying to trick Google.... yet they forget that Google is much smarter than that"

"To really be successful at anything you need to invest the time to understand how what every you are embarking on works..."

He Says "It's No different when it comes to SEO"

"Gain the Knowledge and Understanding of How SEO Works and You Will Have a Better Chance of Succeeding"

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