How to Win with Local Search Strategies

Just about everyone uses Google these days when searching for products and services – especially when looking for those products and services locally.

If they’re not finding your website at the top of their search, chances are you’re losing a heap of business.

The good news is that if you understand how to take advantage of the changing local search landscape, you can create a pe


Top Web Design Trends for 2015

 In 2014 we saw the emergence of some graphic design trends that will continue to influence web design in 2015 and beyond. From code-free design platforms and more minimalist designs, to parallax effects, background videos, and flat design, the look and feel of websites is evolving to help consumers experience brands in different and exciting new ways. With more brands battling for the atten


The New Rules of SEO for 2015

Just like any other area of digital marketing and website design, seo (search engine optimisation) has continued to evolve over the years to such an extent that the rules of SEO that apply today are significantly different when compared to how SEO worked even as little as five years ago.

With Google often keeping quiet about its numerous ranking factors, and the plethora of contradictory opinions